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Explore a different side of Event Production in Los Angeles

Event Production
About Marrakesh
A home for community growth, learning, & experience. A space that respects & lends itself to human connection. A team that values dreams, creation & fabrication, budgets, environmentally sound operations, & play.

Solar Powered A Sustainable Venue Marrakesh House is 100% solar powered, electric car ready, & compost savvy. We pride ourselves in our efforts to stay ahead of the fast-paced nature of eco-tech. From our edible landscapes to the free-range eggs from our happy resident chickens, this boutique space is your sustainable alternative to corporate venues that dot the country. Explore a different side of event production in Los Angeles.

Event Services Marrakesh House, a boutique & intimate venue, hosts weddings, documentary screenings, fundraisers, galleries & exhibits, launch parties, corporate & private events, live performances, & more...We offer unrivaled, step-by-step production planning & assistance from seasoned in-house industry professionals & vendors.

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